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Curran Development is nestled in the heart of the St. Lawrence Seaway Valley of northern New York -- one of four companies formed by brothers Patrick, Timothy and Lee Curran. With over 50 years experience in the timber industry, we also operate Seaway Timber Harvesting Inc., which annually produces over 300,000 tons of wood chips; Curran Logging Inc, which produces and sells soils and gravel in all sizes; and, Curran Renewable Energy LLC, a producer of quality wood pellets.

Over the years, we have acquired more than 16,000 acres of timber lands across the northern New York State region. Realizing that we can't hold on to every property forever and to open up new opportunities for our business, we have decided to sell over 10,000 acres of our inventory. Along with a huge selection of properties for you to choose from, we also offer owner financing with just one-third down.

One of the hallmarks of Seaway's business is the use of responsible forestry practices. In particular, when harvesting timber, Seaway works with the landowners to mitigate potential environmental harms and to protect soil and water quality. We are stewards of the land and have taken care on all of our properties to ensure that the good we do today will live on long after we are gone.

Curran Development, together with Seaway Timber Harvesting, can offer you the location of your dreams at a reasonable price. We have over 50 properties that are available for sale at incredible prices. Your piece of northern New York is waiting for you. So, stop fighting for your place on public ground ... and start enjoying your own north country getaway!

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